Mini Vintage Rug

Small but Mighty - The Advantages of Mini Vintage Rugs

  Mini Vintage Rug
Incorporate Some Vintage Charm with a Mini Vintage Rug
A mini vintage rug's small size can be advantageous when decorating. Not only are they easy to work into existing furniture arrangements, they can provide perfect accent design elements - making them a great way to add a little personality and charm without overwhelming the room. Plus, their affordability means you don't have to break the bank to get your dream look.  Our mini vintage rugs are perfect in a powder bath, at the front door, or at the kitchen sink. Hand knotted in Turkey,  our collection of Oushak rugs are 60+ years old, are very durable , and easy to clean. We have kids and dogs and our Vintage rugs have survived their spills and messes! 
If you don't see a rug on our site that fits your needs, reach out to us at  We can help source the perfect rug for your space. 
Lindsay + Claire
Small Vintage Rug
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