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Keeping It Simple: Styling Your Dining Room Table for the Holidays

Photo above styled by @peteandselena

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the joy of hosting family and friends for festive meals. One of the focal points of these gatherings is undoubtedly the dining room table. Whether you're preparing for a cozy Thanksgiving dinner, a cheerful Hanukkah or Christmas feast, or any other holiday celebration, styling your dining table appropriately can enhance the festive atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the festive season, simplicity can be a guiding principle that not only eases your stress but also enhances the beauty of your celebrations. In this blog post, we'll explore simple and inspiring ideas to help you style your dining room table for the holidays, creating a warm and inviting ambiance for your loved ones.

01 // Begin By Establishing the Foundation

Add a tablecloth or table runner as the base layer. Opting for a neutral hue or striped pattern provides a simple foundation to work upon.  

Table linens and decorNeutral TableclothGreen Striped Table Cloth
Table Linens

Neutral Stripe Table Runner

02 // Incorporate Texture 

Layer Jute Placemats to add texture and warmth.  If you go with a neutral tablecloth or runner, you may want to add some color or patterns with pretty napkins.  Style the napkins with a woven napkin ring or tie the napkin with a pretty ribbon or jute tie.  You can layer small decorative items under the napkin ring like pinecones, cinnamon sticks, or even mini ornaments. Personal touches make your guests feel special and appreciated.  

Jute Placemat with Linen Napkin and Woven Napkin RingGreen Linen NapkinWoven seagrass napkin ringsFloral Cotton NapkinsHandwoven Jute Placemat

03 // Bring in Organic Elements

Create a captivating centerpiece that reflects the holiday spirit. It could be a seasonal floral arrangement, faux or real branches, or beautiful cedar garland. Choose a focal point that doesn’t obstruct views or conversations across the table. We love to incorporate a handmade or vintage vase or planter for added character.

 Neutral Table scape

photo (left)  by : @peteandselena

04 // Set the Mood

Create a warm and inviting ambiance by using candles and candlesticks holders of various colors, heights, and textures.  We love mixing our different hand forged candle holders with various textures of candle sticks (including twisted and hobnail).   Embrace the warm glow, play around with colors and styles, and let your table shine with the flicker of candlelight.

All of our guidelines for creating a simple, yet beautiful holiday table apply throughout every season (no matter the gathering).  We emphasized the importance to keep it simple and incorporate natural textures and materials.  In the age of excess, embracing simplicity is a breath of fresh air. Keeping your holiday table decor simple not only reduces stress, but it also allows you and your guests to focus on what truly matters: the joy of being together.

Hand forged Metal Taper HolderHand Forged Metal Taper Candle HolderTwisted Candle HoldersHobnail Taper Candle stick

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